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Updated: Feb 27

The Shadows Between us tells the tale of a cat and mouse game between two despicable individuals. The newly appointed Shadow King and Alessandra Stathos. Alessandra has joined the Royal Court with hopes of gaining the attention of the King who seeks a wife. However, she does not crave to love or romance him. She aspires to marry him, kill him, and take his crown in that order. Alessandra has always had the shortest end of the stick. Despite that, she believes this is now her moment to show she is worthy. Just as she thinks she is about to win, the skeletons in her closet erupt to reveal dark secrets that she thought she left buried. Though, she is not alone in this case, as the King has his own mysteries. I am still reeling from the amazingness that is this book. When I first started the book, I was for sure thinking I wouldn't like it. I thought it would be like every other book with this trope. I mean how many times have we seen the enemies to lovers story? Which is essentially what we got. However, the way the author took this generic book idea and put a fresh spin on it, blew my mind. I can't even get over how much I love the main character, Alessandra. She is so interesting and very realistic for a YA fantasy character. I love that she's not a cookie-cutter perfect person like most book characters. She does some fucked up things and sometimes suffers the consequences for them. Yet, she also learns from these things or at least sometimes recognizes her own faults. She has her strengths, weaknesses, doubts, confidence, and everything else that creates a fully fleshed character. She does not exist just to exist and has her reasons for her goals. I am personally grateful that it was more than, "I want to be Queen just because." Which brings me to the side characters. They were not all stand out roles I will admit. Nevertheless, the two lead romantic interests have great chemistry with the leading lady. Not even in a sexual way, they just mesh very well and make everything so believable. Before you ask, no this is not a love triangle. I won't spoil too much, just know this trope is not really there. The two men also stand out on their own with a fully developed backstory that envelopes the reader into their mindset. The constant twists and turns of the plot left me with whiplash. Which I thoroughly enjoyed! I love it when a story makes me second guess my theories all the while weaving a more elaborate reveal behind my back. By the time we reach the end, every kernel of information is explored and the conclusion is more than satisfying. I wholeheartedly believed in this tale and was hooked from the moment I started reading. I don't know how she accomplished it, but Tricia Levenseller has joined the group of my favorite authors.

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